Brand Ambassador Emails

Written by nathanael judy


Posted on October 14 2023

We always send our ambassador emails from You’ll receive an email from the Ambassador program…

  1. When you first get accepted into the program. Make sure you hang onto this one for future reference :)

  2. When we share our weekly ambassador email. This will include photos to share, important info and any updates. (Please note: this will vary, it mostly depends on launches and any other information we have to share with you. So, if you don't get an email every week, don't worry! 

  3. Reminders to make a sale to stay active in the program.

* If you are having trouble receiving any of these emails, make sure you are checking the email linked to your Ambassador account. If you still aren’t receiving them, resubscribing to the regular Clover N Leaf emails will usually do the trick! If you think you were unsubscribed from emails, go to the Brand Ambassador page, scroll to the bottom and add your email to the signup again.